Since 1971, Greene, Inc. has provided best practice adult day and vocational training services for thousands of adults with developmental disabilities. Greene, Inc. is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 agency provider of Medicaid waiver services for the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities as well as a provider of services for individuals with developmental disabilities funded by local tax dollars through the Greene County Board of Developmental Disabilities. We provide these services through a thriving adult day service program with a person centered approach focused on individual choice and community participation. In addition we operate two highly successful business enterprises that provide employment and vocational training opportunities for program participants who desire an outcome of eventual competitive integrated community based employment. These businesses are:

  • Commercial healthcare laundry processing

  • Secure Document Destruction (Document Solutions)

Core Values

  • Provide effective quality services to persons with disabilities, based on choice.

  • Provide dignified access to services.

  • Adhere to legal requirements, corporate compliance, and accreditation best practices.

  • Create a progressive growth environment through effective collaboration and partnerships.

  • Promote safety and health excellence

Board of Directors

  • John Finlay, Board Chair

  • Allan Cummings

  • Jerry Pfeifer

  • Kim Sease

  • Jeff Brock

  • Karl Colon

  • Greg Felder

  • Mark Bradstreet

  • Tony Casillano

  • Jerad Barnett

  • Julie Sullivan