We provide regularly scheduled community based activities for individuals that promote growth in areas such as self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills. These activities are developed with the full participation and input from each individual receiving this service. Adult Day Supports are designed to foster the acquisition of skills, build community membership and independence and expand personal choice. Our goal is to enable individuals to attain and maintain his or her maximum potential. Activities are designed to promote:

  • Participation in community activities

  • Supports to develop and maintain a meaningful social life

  • Activities designed to increase problem solving skills

  • Personal care supports to include hygiene, eating, communication, mobility, and dressing designed to increase an individual’s ability to participate in community living

  • Skill reinforcement including behavior support strategies or assistance in the use of communication and mobility devices

  • Training in self-determination and self-advocacy

  • Recreation and leisure activities

  • Assistance with self-medication or medication administration