What kinds of work does Greene, Inc. do?

Greene, Inc. has two Business Enterprises: Secure Document Destruction Services, and Commercial Laundry Services. Both of these business enterprises provide training and ongoing employment for persons with disabilities.

How can a person be referred for services?

Contact our Greene County DD eligibility intake coordinator, Vanessa Emanoff at 937-562-6512, who can assist in service options and referrals.

Is vocational training available for DD eligible participants?

Yes. Vocational assessment and tryouts are available in all of Greene, Inc.'s business enterprises. The result of the assessment and tryouts will determine the most appropriate work for persons served.

If I receive services from the Greene County Board of DD, how do I find out about employment opportunities at Greene, Inc.?

Contact your ETS (Education Training Specialist) or Service Coordinator.

Where is Greene, Inc. located and what are the operating hours?

Greene, Inc. is located at 121 Fairground Road, Xenia, Ohio 45385. Our business hours are Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Is the staff at Greene, Inc. properly trained in providing appropriate services for my adult?

Yes. Staff working with your adult must have required training courses and hold state certification. Many staff positions require college degrees.

How is Greene, Inc. funded?

Greene, Inc. is funded by a variety of sources. The Greene County Board of Developmental Disabilities is the largest funder. Greene, Inc. generates revenues in its own programs and services through its business enterprises and from regional companies who contract with Greene, Inc.

If I am an employer and would like to find out how my company can participate in the Greene, Inc. program by either employing disabled persons or contracting with Greene, Inc. to provide a service, what should I do?

Contact our Sales Representative at 937-562-4214 or complete our online contact form.

How are Greene, Inc. employees paid?

Greene, Inc. pays all employees by direct deposit on a bi-weekly basis. All employees are paid State of Ohio minimum wage or above. Employees who work on federal contracts earn higher federal wage determination hourly rates while working on those contracts.

Emergency Closing (Snow Day) Procedure?

"PLAN A" - All clients stay home EXCEPT:(1st and 2nd shift Janitorial, Document Destruction – Snow Day Crew only, and Laundry)

“PLAN B” - All clients stay home