Name Change for Board

September 19, 2016

After decades of being known as the Greene County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, the Board is changing its name to the Greene County Board of Developmental Disabilities. The state-mandated name change will the Board’s first since 1980, when it officially adopted the “Greene County Board of MR/DD” moniker. The Ohio House of Representatives voted unanimously in June to strike “mental retardation” from the Ohio Department of MR/DD and all of the 88 Ohio county Boards.

“The name change is part of the continuing evolution for people with developmental disabilities,” said Linda Oda, Director of communication for the Association of County Boards of MR/DD, which is also expected to change its name in the near future. Oda said that much of the credit for the passage of the legislation should be give not to just the self-advocates in Athens, but to the advocates for the developmentally disabled throughout Ohio.