vocational services

Vocational Habilitation is a service that provides learning and work experiences that are designed to develop and strengthen an individual’s general skills in preparation for eventual competitive integrated employment. Examples of general workplace skills are: effective communication with supervisors, co-workers, and customers; generally accepted community workplace conduct and dress; ability to follow directions, ability to attend to tasks; workplace problem solving skills; and workplace safety and mobility training. This service is time limited with specific outcomes to be achieved which are determined by the individual and their team. Some activities that may be included in Vocational Habilitation are:

  • Ongoing support and supervision

  • Development of a task analysis and instruction to prepare the individual for competitive integrated employment

  • Activities designed to increase the individuals social integration with co-workers

  • Training in the use of public transportation

  • Working on problem solving skills and meeting job related expectations

  • Development of natural supports and use of community resources

  • Training to strengthen personal hygiene, learn new work skills, attain self-determination goals and improve social skills

  • Development of a transition plan to competitive integrated employment

  • Assist with self-medication or provision of medication administration